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Golden Springs

Prathamesh Apartments

Maya Cafe

The Nelson’s Project

Desai Golden Springs, White field

This minimalistic project is designed per the client's requirement for modular interiors with entirely japandi colours emphasizing simplicity and minimalism. Here you can find clean lines, and uncluttered spaces focused on essential elements. Storage units have been incorporated with Rattan (cane webbing), bedrooms with rubber wood wall paneling, and minimally designed wall paneling with tropical wallpaper, bringing warmth and texture to the space, and creating a calming and inviting environment. This home design is typically a combination of whites, greys, beiges, and soft pastels which gives tranquil and timeless aesthetics aiming to strike a balance between modern and cultural home furnishings.

20131 Grove Street

Prathamesh Apartments, New BEL road

The major concerns of this project were modular, functional, stylish, space-efficient, and budget-friendly. It is characterized by the use of modular components that can be easily assembled, dissembled, rearranged, or customized to create versatile and adaptable living. The interiors of this home feature clean lines, minimalist design, and a contemporary aesthetic maximizing the efficient use of space and being well-suited for a collaborative environment. This home often reflects current design trends, incorporating elements such as bold colors, and geometric patterns to create a visually engaging space. The kitchen area has been designed with the key considerations of optimized storage, aesthetic appeal, and easy maintenance. This home interior is the best example for various preferences and budgets, making it a versatile choice for modern homes.

The Jefferson’s Lake House

Maya Cafe, Indira Nagar

The key to successfully blending themes is cohesion. Here comes a cafe design with the theme of mixed commercial design elements. The touch of industrial chic to the walls of the cafe with brick pattern cladding and Archi concrete finish wall paints showcase their natural textures and imperfections, adding character to the space. To add up the feel of a botanical setup we have implemented the display wall with hexagonal pinewood open shelves, a metal ceiling with sleek bamboo in the seating area, and a pinewood rafter ceiling at the serving counter area. Adding up the theme of modern industrial, metal grid ceilings and tables with metal frameworks have been incorporated. To get the feel of a coastal retreat, the countertops of tables are made up of epoxy resin river art. Wall built up with red jali bricks enhancing the ventilation and light adding earthy characteristics to the space. 

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